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27 Years of Fine Arts; a Unique Approach to Your Personal Design

My love for beautifully designed interiors is not unequal to my love for Fine Art. I have been compelled to draw and paint my whole life since I was a small child. Initially doing the majority of my work in pencil and charcoal, I eventually gravitated toward paiting. Within much of my work I have rendered Contemporary Realism (trompe l'oeil - French for 'deception of the eye') in the form of faux painted marble, grained wood, grisaille or stone, other architectural features, even portraits within dimensional pieces. For over 27 years however, the most sought after form of painting in my career has been interior murals for walls or ceilings. This traditional art form is popular because of the beauty and magic it adds to homes, and businesses. The variety of mural work I have been commissioned to complete over the years has truly been an exciting adventure.

Designer and Artist, Carol Smits, CEO & Founder

Fine Arts by Carol Smits

Designs Of The Times has done an excellent job in our new home. Their help in everything from choosing our blinds, window treatments & our dining area rug made our decision very easy because of their professional experience. Definitely would recommend them.

Sandee, Appleton, WI